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What To Consider In A New Home Contractor


A few points you might find helpful in choosing a new home contractor for your project:

1. Select a builder with experience. Someone who has built at least 20 homes so they are past the learning curve and will have a base of sub-contractors to pull from and some leverage with their vendors and sub-contractors.

2. Select a builder who is in it for the right reason. We suggest selecting a builder who has some on the job experience and not just a manager. A manager will be at the mercy of the subcontractors for quality control. A builder with on the job experience can supervise and correct the subcontractors when needed. Realtors (for example) who now build homes probably can handle the business side but do they know the codes and building side? Our experience says the best builders also know how to swing a hammer!

3. Completion times are important, but beware of a builder who boasts of completion times. Many cases they will require all of your selections be done before the start of the home as well, as you will not be given a choice of many items to speed up the construction schedule. We feel it is important to keep you informed of most all the choices and allow you as much time as you need to make selections. This may delay the completion time but when it is complete, most always you will be happy with the changes that you made along the way. Ask our references if they agree.

4. Check references. As you can see, our reference list is extensive and we encourage you to call several. Most new homeowners are happy to talk about their home and may even invite you over so if you have time, take them up on it. You may save yourself heartache and eliminate a bad builder.

5. In comparing bids, be sure you are comparing “apples to apples.” Usually at the bidding stage there are several items that you haven’t chosen for the project yet. Some examples would be the flooring, cabinets, windows, lighting fixtures, appliances, landscaping, etc. If you have made these selections, you will want to provide that information to the bidders; if not, the bidders will need to supply a detailed allowance list showing how much money they have allocated for each item to ensure each proposal bottom line can be adjusted according to the allowance totals.

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