An addition can make a big difference in the functionality and value of your home. Adding an enclosed space, such as a sun room (Carolina room) creates more heated square feet of living space as well as a place to enjoy a good view of surrounding nature. Adding a screened-in porch is also a great extension of the home, where you can enjoy the outdoors without the nuisance of bugs/pests or inclement weather. Adding living space, such as bedroom and/or bathrooms can allow you to transform the use of your home all together. The addition of a garage can add space for utility purposes.


Here are 6 Top Reasons to Consider an Addition:

1. Additions to your home simply give you more space — more space for family time, enjoying nature views, more space to enjoy the home you love.

2. You can accommodate extra family members by adding rooms. More and more millennials are staying in the home longer, and adding extra space to your home can make your living situation easier. Many people also need additional space to take care of elderly parents.

3. Creating additional space can create additional income. Adding a small living space to your home can be a great way to add income as rental property.

4. Additions can be less expensive than moving or purchasing a new home. Have you outgrown your space? Consider adding additional heated square footage of living space.

5. An addition can add luxury and value to your home. Creating a luxurious bathroom, office, garage, or a home gym can give your home a whole new feel.

6. Additions can add more natural light to your home. By adding an enclosed sun room, you will add natural light and a space to enjoy the outdoors with the comfort of being indoors.

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